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Our Fees and Rates

The 2018-2019 PACES annual fee for after-school care is $2090.  Rather than requiring parents to pay for the whole school year up front, or having them pay different weekly rates based on the number of days in a week, the annual fee is divided into weekly installments of $55.  This provides parents the convenience of making consistent weekly payments.  However if you would like to pay the fee in one upfront payment, there will be a discount equal to two weeks of care.  The PACES fee includes the cost of care, snacks, and program materials.

Each child will have fun in a comfortable, bully-free zone, where he/she can spend time with friends, do fun, engaging activities, and work on homework so you have more time as a family at home.

PACES believes that children will develop a strong sense of self in a comfortable, safe environment. In order to do that, our staff works with each individual child to ensure that they are happy and feel important each day.  Our staff monitors social situations daily to ensure that children are not being bullied or pressured into activities they are not comfortable.  We will not tolerate inappropriate language or behavior toward another child or staff member.  We will work hard to help children learn the tools to good, positive communication, as well as how to successfully work through conflicts that may arise.

2019-2020 Fees


                        If Paid Weekly    If Paid Up Front     Drop In

Before School                     $18                          $648*                      $5

After School                       $55                          $1980*                    $15

Before & After School        $70                       $2520*                    $18

PACES Extended-Day         $9                                                            $20

​PACES All-Day                    $15                                                          $30

Part Time Rates Are Calculated Based On Your Schedule

*The annual rate includes a discount equal to 2 weeks if paid in-full the first week.

Monthly Payment Schedule for After School Care

August            $110             January        $220

September      $220             February      $220

October          $220             March           $220

November       $220             April             $220

December       $220             May              $220


*The total payments for the year are $2090 whether the fees are paid weekly or monthly.

*There are 38 week of care.  The first two weeks are paid in August.  The remaining 36 weeks are divided equally among the remaining 9 months.  There will be one draft in June to take care of any remaining Extended Day fees or other balances.

*These rates are for Before and After School care only and do not include transportation.


Payments are the same regardless of the number of PACES days in a week.  The only exception is the week of Spring Break and the two weeks of Winter Break.  There will be no charge for those weeks.  Weekly payments will be in the form of a draft from your bank account.

Why ChooSE

Our program

  1. Educated, caring staff
  2. low ratios
  3. help with homework
  4. time with friends
  5. planned activities each day

A strong sense

of self